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1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ LED Turn Signal Light Set 1WL-XJF-CLEARANCE

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NOTE: These are an older set of lights.  I'll support them as I would the current version.  If you experience any problems with them in the first two years, I'll generally just replace them.  Beyond that, I don't guarantee free replacements, but I've always made an offer than is better than buying new lights.  My goal is for my customers to only buy one set of lights from me and to use them as long as they have that vehicle.

Clearance because they've been sitting on my shelf for a couple years.  I've changed the type of lights I sell more than once and generally only try to sell one type at a time so brightness and light pattern are consistent across exterior lights.  This is the result of one of those changes.

No returns, but I'll support these like any other lights I sell.

The most difficult part of the install is getting the flasher relay installed due to it being under the steering column.
The second most difficult part of the install can be getting the lamps back in their sockets - the rubber may be misshapen from two decades of stock-bulb heat.
Plastic may become more brittle when it is cold.  If it's below freezing, consider waiting for a warmer day to install.

  • This light set fits the 1997-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ
  • Includes:
    • 4x Front Turn Signal LEDs (3157, Switchback / Dual-Mode)
    • 2x Rear Turn Signal LEDs (3156, Single-Mode)
    • 2x Front Marker LEDs (T10, Front Fender)\
  • NOT INCLUDED: LED Flasher Relay, Novita EP27 (Might work with other relays, but I highly recommend this one.  Test it with stock lights before installing LEDs.)
  • Light Set Color: All LEDs are bright, vivid Amber
  • Plug and Play - No Soldering Needed
  • Works in Jeeps with and without 4-pin trailer wiring installed *(see notes)
  • Does not work in Jeeps with 7-pin trailer wiring!! There is an incompatibility between the brake and turn-signal lights.

This light set is recommended for someone that is determined to go Full-LED.  It is largely a cosmetic improvement that gives brighter, more vivid amber light output.  The biggest functional improvement is that power consumption of hazard lights is reduced to approximately 25% of stock.  Theoretically, it should take 4x times as long as stock bulbs to exhaust a battery.


1. In our testing, this set is compatible with and without a 4-pin trailer harness installed and with or without trailer lamps plugged in.
2. This set is tested to work only as a set.  It has tested to work with .
3. When using with 4-pin incandescent trailer lamps, the trailer lamps may appear very dim.  We believe this is due to the LED lights in the Jeep being so bright by comparison.  Unfortunately, we have limited access to test trailers - basically, just what the U-Haul guy let us hook up to.  :-)
4. If any lamps seem nearly impossible to reinstall in their sockets, trim some of the misshapen rubber/plastic with household scissors.  This stuff is likely melted out of shape after two decades of use.  This should make sense if you face this problem.
5. The small front marker lights in the fenders will appear very dim during the day in comparison to the main front turn-signals.  They are simply not very bright due to their size and power requirements.
6. Turn Indicator Lights in the gauge cluster may function differently after this install.  Especially with LED turn indicator lights, the indicators will be on anytime marker lights are on and instead of flashing on and off to indicate a turn, they will flash between dim and bright.  I honestly like this function because it's easy to tell when my lights are on during the day.


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