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97-01 XJ Instrument Set - Red

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Product Description

97-01 XJ Instrument Set - Red

My evaluation of red in the XJ:

Gauge Cluster: Red works great here.
Turn&High Beam: Green and Blue (stock colors) - Red does not work here due to stock green/blue filters.  Blue and green will appear very bright compared to red, so either you'll never forget your turn signals are on or you'll fit the stock bulbs back in.  Either option works well since red doesn't work here.
Transmission/Transfer Case: Red works marginally well here. These displays are primarily blue and green print on clear plastic, so not a huge about of light gets through, but it fits with the red theme better than white.
Rocker switches: Red works great.  Note, only rocker switch backlight is replaced with these leds.  The on/off indicators retain stock bulbs and colors.
Climate Control: White LEDs - retains stock colors, but is slightly brighter and more vivid than stock.

Includes LEDs:

  • Gauge Cluster Backlight (Red)
  • Turn & High Beam Indicators (Green/Blue) *includes replacement sockets
  • Transmission / Transfer Case  (Red)
  • Climate Control (White) - Green does not properly light this panel.
  • Rocker Switch (Red)
  • Transmission bezel insert
    • optional install - risk to scratching bezel print, but improves color appearance 

This set is more expensive than the white, blue, and green sets because the red LEDs used in the gauge cluster use more powerful (and more expensive) LEDs.

The rocker switch leds and climate control LEDs are fully custom / unique designs for One Way Light.  The other lights are also unique PCB, but based on otherwise generic designs to maximize longevity and reliability.

*This product may be made-to-order.   Shipping is generally within two days but may be delayed up to one week.

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