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Moving forward, Slowly

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I continue to slog on with preparing to launch the new website.  Orders are being fulfilled at least twice a week as normal.

Stock may run out during this transition.  The new website will be bundle based rather than kit focused, so there are some changes to how stock is managed.  Some instrument light sets are being discounted a bit - won't show as a sale, just a lower price for some sets compared to the others.  Product listings will be different in the new site.  Worst case, I'll disassemble unsold light sets, but given how much work they are to pack and label I really want to avoid that.

Thanks as always!

jason @onewaylight

June 25th - Solving Problems

First, I greatly appreciate the interest people have shown in One Way Light.  The encouragement is noticed and appreciated.  I'll check my blurb about looking for help with the business.  I definitely need help with social media and community engagement.As far as problems go, I'm tackling two things.I am struggling to figure out how to [...]

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May 11th - The cleaning

Listening to Local H.  I do like me some midwest rock.So, before proceeding with website changes, I'm continuing in my quest to get, and keep, physical stock in order.  I have about twenty more bins to label and place.  In each, I've bagged parts into pre-counted bags so inventory is easier.  If I want to [...]

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May the 4th

I'm not sure anyone reads this and I suppose it's not terribly important from my perspective.  It helps to put some of my thoughts on paper.I was starting to ramble a bit about Jocko Willink's podcast and book, but I'm going to stick to One Way Light since the fact that I'm tired leaves me [...]

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The Saga...

One Way Light is nearing five years as a registered business.  It existed for about two years as a hobby prior to being a business, so by dog standards, it's almost old.For One Way Light to exist another five years, it needs to be more than a hobby.  I'm making changes to how things are [...]

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Prices... Necessary and Evil

So, I've maintained a largely arbitrary price scheme for about four years where the main interior light sets sell for $49.99.  Unfortunately, this is no longer reasonable due to increases in prices and my desire to pay myself for my time.So, going forward I will pay myself an hourly rate.  The thought here is that [...]

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Always more changes

So, I'm back to shipping daily or every couple days.  My goal is to suck it up, increase volume, and then move products to a fulfillment service for that part of the day-to-day.Other changes...Prices are going to increase.  I've maintained most set prices at $50 for around four years now.  Costs of lights have gone [...]

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Continued One Way Light Changes

I'm moving all regular items to Amazon.  Higher volume sets, 98-01 XJ for example, will continue to be sold as they are aside from some package changes.  Low volume sets, 90-96 XJ with overhead console, will no longer be sold as a kit, but all component parts will be available.  In fact, all component lights [...]

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Business Changes

TLDR: onewaylight.com will continue to offer all items we sell, but shipping will be reduced to once per week on Monday (or Tuesday in case of a holiday).  Amazon will offer a more limited set of popular light sets and lights fulfilled by Amazon (fast, daily shipping but possibly at increased cost).-------------------Long Version:One Way Light [...]

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