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Always more changes

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So, I'm back to shipping daily or every couple days.  My goal is to suck it up, increase volume, and then move products to a fulfillment service for that part of the day-to-day.

Other changes...

Prices are going to increase.  I've maintained most set prices at $50 for around four years now.  Costs of lights have gone up, but more importantly, I've come to better appreciate the costs of running a business.  I long thought I just needed to increase volume.  Now it's clear that I'm not going to increase volume so long as I'm only selling lights to XJ owners... XJ owners are great, but most vehicles are not XJs and long term, I need to sell to those people as well.  Anyway, prices will be tied more closely to costs going forward.

Light Set changes are coming - not with the lights, but definitely with how they are packaged.  Long term, when someone orders a light set for their vehicle from onewaylight.com, they'll be ordering a bundle of individual light packages rather than a pre-packaged kit.  There will be an online reference to help install and match the lights to their placement in the vehicle.  My plan is to continue to offer light sets on Amazon with the individual labels and printed instructions, but this will come at a premium.

Individual lights will become the new focus.  My goal is to transition from an XJ specific light set maker to a source for a wide range of high-quality automotive LEDs.  The most important part of that is helping people find the best lights for their vehicle.  The only way for that to happen is if someone actually tries a light in that specific make, model, and lighting configuration.  Essentially, the what-works (and what-doesn't) have to be a group effort.  I bring the lights, provide general information (a starting point) and customers test and report on what works and what doesn't.  Free return shipping and refunds when things don't work out is one cost of this, but I think it's necessary and worthwhile.

Lastly and unrelated to LEDs, I found (and am purchasing) a rear-ended 00 or 01 XJ in chest-high weeds that matches my Maroon/Agate 2000.  I'm exited to replace all the broken lamp assemblies and other broken plastic stuff on my well abused Cherokee.  I plan to part it out as best I can before it gets made into bottle caps!

Thanks always,


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