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June 25th - Solving Problems

Posted by Jason@OneWayLight on

First, I greatly appreciate the interest people have shown in One Way Light.  The encouragement is noticed and appreciated.  I'll check my blurb about looking for help with the business.  I definitely need help with social media and community engagement.

As far as problems go, I'm tackling two things.

I am struggling to figure out how to offer the same light for sell in two ways.  The first is of course as an individual item.  The second is as an individual item shown on pages for the vehicles that can use it.  My current selling platform doesn't allow the same item (SKU) to be offered on more than one page, so I have to allocate separate inventory for each use of the item.  I think it is important that I make it easy to directly add the lights that match a year, make, and model on the same page that explains why I recommend them.  I'm looking at alternative selling platforms.

On the technical side, I'm trying to figure out how to manufacture 1600 custom wire forms and then install them in 800 pcbs.  I've ordered a lot of fun tools, pieces, and parts that I'm using to make jigs so I can manually bend wires and install them in a repeatable way.  After that, I want to try and build a machine that can do the wire bending for me.

One of the tools I ordered is a 3d printer, a Prusa MK3S from the Chech Republic.  It's backordered like two months, so I've got a lot of time to be excited about it.  I strongly considered buying a lathe, but decided against it and ordered a bunch of other tools instead.  I'm essentially building a prototyping workshop in my basement!

All of these new tools remind me of my passion for solving technical problems!

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