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May 11th - The cleaning

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Listening to Local H.  I do like me some midwest rock.

So, before proceeding with website changes, I'm continuing in my quest to get, and keep, physical stock in order.  I have about twenty more bins to label and place.  In each, I've bagged parts into pre-counted bags so inventory is easier.  If I want to get a quick count, I could simply count the bags and estimate the loose remainder rather than counting tens of thousands of individual pieces.

The more difficult part of this is how to maintain a running inventory count.  For that, I'm going to have to use something called Discipline.  I looked into barcode systems, 'cause that's cool, right?  But, barcode systems cost money and in this case a clipboard, pencil, paper, and the discipline to note additions and deletions should be sufficient.

The purpose of this is to make the stuff that happens here in the OWL dungeon more efficient, so I have more minutes and brain powers to do the offering/selling thing.  That's my weak spot.  For example, I put a Very-Nice™ 42mm festoon LED in my wife's F150.  But, sadly, no one knows that I have a sick light for an F150, so F150 people are stuck dealing with whatever (yuck) lights they find elsewhere.  I also have a rare-ish light for Subarus, but again... only one person seems to know about that.  And... I have a custom light for the MJ Commanche... cause it uses some wierdo french lights from the 80s - true story, right?

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