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May the 4th

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I'm not sure anyone reads this and I suppose it's not terribly important from my perspective.  It helps to put some of my thoughts on paper.

I was starting to ramble a bit about Jocko Willink's podcast and book, but I'm going to stick to One Way Light since the fact that I'm tired leaves me to believe I should be going to sleep soon.

First, my internet sucks.  It's no excuse, but it does increase the challenge of getting things updated and revamped here.  I live in a rural area, but luckily only about two miles from a cell tower.  Even better, my house is on a ridge, so I generally have a good signal and plenty of bandwidth.  Unfortunately, there is a vacation / lake community that is served by the same cell-tower and I suspect more than a few people have retreated there from the city to weather the storm.  This shall pass, but it is frustrating in the interim.

Second, and more importantly, it's difficult to achieve the goal of revamping One Way Light without having set down a clear plan of my goals and a draft of how to achieve those goals.  As a Soldier, every mission (sure... I was rear echelon, but we'll call them missions nonetheless) involved a plan.  Some plans were prefab, like football plays.  Some plans required a more formal and detailed plan.  One Way Light is of the detailed, but manageable type and I should set out about making a realistic plan if I expect to achieve realistic results.

So here is a rough outline... to be elaborated on.

1. Inventory of on-hand pieces and parts.

1.1 List Clearance items (old versions, items with cosmetic imperfections, lights that are good, but not great enough for regular sale, lights that have been in stock, but I've failed to market properly...).  Quick-and-dirty photos should suffice here.

2. Method to track additions and deductions from inventory. *this requires discipline because it's too easy to pull a part for testing or send a replacement part without making note of it.*  Worst is not knowing how much stuff I have at any moment.  It is difficult to list items when I don't know what is available.

3. Make a prioritized list of work that needs to be accomplished.  Photography, listing creations, copy for listings, pricing.

4. Prioritize work to be done.

5. Test methods of offering lights for specific vehicles without being sold in pre-packaged kits...

6. Determine most reasonable method and go all-in.

7. Absolutely no new products or applications until the above is complete for all existing inventory items.

Third, and most importantly, I must be realistic and put myself before One Way Light.  Exercise, family, my day job, and my other part-time job are all probably a bit more important than One Way Light, so steady does it.

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