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The Saga...

Posted by Jason @ One Way Light on

One Way Light is nearing five years as a registered business.  It existed for about two years as a hobby prior to being a business, so by dog standards, it's almost old.

For One Way Light to exist another five years, it needs to be more than a hobby.  I'm making changes to how things are run to set the stage to become a dominant player in quality automotive LEDs.

I'm going to need help sooner than later.  It's one thing to stock quality LEDs... the real magic is helping customers know which LEDs apply to their vehicle.  I think One Way Light is established as a quality source for LEDs among XJ owners, but that doesn't travel well outside the shrinking XJ community.  There is work to be done that will require creativity and a bit of taking roads less traveled, but that's what we're all about and I'm confident will get there.  Check the home page for a link if you have some marketing passion and are looking for a project / hobby, and are willing to undervalue your services.

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