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About:  One Way Light will remain in business indefinitely.  Some changes will occur.  Light sets will be phased out in order to reduce the amount of time I spend labeling and packaging lights.  In place of light sets, each vehicle that I've confirmed lights work in will have a page that either references applicable lights or lets them be added to the cart directly.  Instructions / install guides will move to online-only.  Prices will be more directly related to the cost of the light itself.


ShippingOne Way Light SHIPS TWICE PER WEEK!!!  This will generally be Monday or Tuesday and again Friday or Saturday, but even that can vary a bit.  I don't run this business full-time and reducing shipping days helps offset the time cost of running a low volume business.  In extreme cases, I suppose shipping could be delayed by up to a week, but in the one or two times that's happened in the last five years I've emailed all affected customers to explain.

Shipping - Middle East / Gulf Countries - I've experienced multiple problems shipping via USPS internationally, but Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries have been especially frustrating in this regard.  As of this writing, 9 May 2020, I am unable to ship to Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan at reasonable rates.  Until I find a way to exclude these countries from shipping options, they will show as available, but with a $125 shipping fee.  In most cases, I can ship for less than this, but it is in the $100 range for me to ship to these countries with DHL or FEDEX.


Service/Support:  I'll do my best.  Email jason@onewaylight.com with your question and if applicable, order number and any helpful photos you have. 


Returns:  Let me know within 60 days of the purchase.  For domestic orders, I can send a return shipping label through email.  I will consider returns/refunds beyond 60 days if the item can be restocked and resold.  International returns are the responsibility of the customer to return.


Warranty:  I hate having to spell out a warranty.  I feel like if I sell something and it lasts a good number of years we should all be happy.  If it doesn't, then there is a problem and something needs to improve.  Sometimes a failure is a fluke, but more often it's a pattern.  I'll replace failed lights up to three years, so long as One Way Light continues to exist.  I retain the right to require the customer to pay shipping for international replacements or domestic replacements after the first failure.  I've not resorted to this yet, but I may do so if it seems necessary.


HELP CONSIDERED...  I (Jason) may be interested in teaming up with someone that has interest in automotive LEDs and some experience with social media marketing / engagement.  The ultimate goal is for One Way Light to transition into a source for high-quality automotive LEDs, not just a source for high-quality 84-01 Jeep Cherokee XJ lights.  This is hobby level stuff currently, but it's necessary that it grows if it is going to be around beyond another year.  At current revenue levels, I can pay no more than $600 per month to an independent contractor / freelancer type.  Ultimately, I'd like to have a business partner that can help develop a shared vision and guide the future of One Way Light.

I wanted to put this out there because it's something I've been considering for a while and I think is necessary for One Way Light to come into its own and be a serious force in the automotive led world.  It a decision that could have very good or very bad results, so it's not something I think I will ever feel 100% ready to take on.  Still, it is necessary and now is as good a time as any so far.