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About:  One Way Light will remain in business indefinitely.  Some changes will occur.  Light sets will be phased out in order to reduce the amount of time I spend labeling and packaging lights.  In place of light sets, each vehicle that I've confirmed lights work in will have a page that either references applicable lights or lets them be added to the cart directly.  Instructions / install guides will move to online-only.  Prices will be more directly related to the cost of the light itself.


ShippingOne Way Light SHIPS TWICE PER WEEK!!!  This will generally be Monday or Tuesday and again Friday or Saturday, but even that can vary a bit.  I don't run this business full-time and reducing shipping days helps offset the time cost of running a low volume business.  In extreme cases, I suppose shipping could be delayed by up to a week, but in the one or two times that's happened in the last five years I've emailed all affected customers to explain.

Shipping - Canada:  No issues shipping to Canada, it's just more expensive than US shipping.  I suppose that's the price of not joining the rebellion.  At least you have healthcare.

Shipping - Rest of the World:  I've set international shipping at a flat rate of $60.  If the cost is significantly higher I will contact the customer.  If it is less, I will refund the difference.  I email all international customers before shipping the order.  If I do not receive a reply within one week, I will cancel the order and refund payment.


Service/Support:  I'll do my best.  Email jason@onewaylight.com with your question and if applicable, order number and any helpful photos you have. 


Returns:  Let me know within 60 days of the purchase.  For domestic orders, I can send a return shipping label through email.  I will consider returns/refunds beyond 60 days if the item can be restocked and resold.  International returns are the responsibility of the customer to return.


Warranty:  I hate having to spell out a warranty.  I feel like if I sell something and it lasts a good number of years we should all be happy.  If it doesn't, then there is a problem and something needs to improve.  Sometimes a failure is a fluke, but more often it's a pattern.  I'll replace failed lights up to three years, so long as One Way Light continues to exist.  I retain the right to require the customer to pay shipping for all international replacements or certain domestic replacements after the first failure.  I've not resorted to this yet, but I may do so if it seems necessary.