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About:  One Way Light is closing.  It's been a part-time business for the last five years and I've decided to close it so I can focus on other important things in life.  If anyone has any questions about my experience with the business or any questions regarding the business, feel free to contact me.  I could say a lot of things, but want to keep this page concise.

Shipping:  One Way Light ships at least twice per week.  This will generally be Monday or Tuesday and again Friday or Saturday, but even that can vary a bit.  There may be a shipping charge for orders.  This is subject to change especially as things wind down.  Taking shipping out of product prices allows lower prices and permits selling of low price items.

Service:  Service requests (service, returns, and warranty are the same for this purpose) must be made by the end of the day on 23 March 2020 in order to be processed before the business ceases operation on 31 March.  Replacement parts or other service is not guaranteed or expected after this date.  Jason may chose to answer questions and retain some inventory of lights after this date, but he may not.  There is NO Guarantee or Warranty beyond 31 March 2020.

Returns:  In general, returns will not be considered as the business is being closed.  I may consider a return if an item is faulty and I am unable to replace a faulty item.  Most failed lights are due to physical damage during installation.  Physical damage must be reported upon receipt.  Especially fragile LED chips have an orange sticker.  Take care with these.  If you have any concern about buying a light set, contact me prior to purchase to ensure it will work in your application.

Warranty:  It is highly recommended to install all lights prior to 23 March 2020 in order to address any issues with lights.  Unfortunately, closing the business means One Way Light will not honor warranty requests beyond 31 March 2020.  Jason may or may not retain leftover parts after the business closes.  There is no guarantee of this or what he will do with any parts, but it can't hurt to ask.