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About:  One Way Light will stay open at least through the end of Corona Virus disruptions.  I have more free time now and would like to continue offering lights as long as I can.  That said, prices will be returning to pre-discount levels, if they are not already back to normal when you read this.

ShippingOne Way Light SHIPS TWICE PER WEEK!!!  This will generally be Monday or Tuesday and again Friday or Saturday, but even that can vary a bit.  I don't run this business full-time and reducing shipping days helps balance the time cost of running the business with the relatively low volume of these custom parts.

Service:  Service requests - as long as I'm in business I will continue to support as normal.  Once the business closes, I may be open to doing favors, but any liabilities or expectations will die with the business.  It sucks, but I'd rather be honest about this.

Returns:  Returns will operate as normal.  Just let me know within 60 days of the purchase.  For domestic orders, I can send a return shipping label through email.

Warranty:  I hate having to spell out a warranty.  I feel like if I sell something and it lasts a good number of years we should all be happy.  If it doesn't, then there is a problem and something needs to improve.  Sometimes a failure is a fluke, but more often it's a pattern.  I'll replace failed lights up to three years, so long as One Way Light continues to exist.  Beyond that, just let me know.  I'd still like work something out, but can't promise anything up front.